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Our references

As a tourism focused influencer marketing agency, we primarily serve hospitality brands, tourism boards, and health tourism companies. These are a few selected client references.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing harnesses the power of key leaders in digital spaces to elevate your brand’s presence on social media. It’s a strategic approach that connects your products or services with influencers who then promote them, subtly shaping consumer behavior and preferences. This method rapidly boosts brand visibility and fosters market relevance, as influencers subtly guide the masses toward your offerings, often under the radar.

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What goals can you achieve through our Influencer Marketing Services?

Quality Lead Generation

When you approach an audienced  through an influencer, you reach a highly targeted audience, who will be interested in your brand. Hence, brands acquire quality leads through influencers.

Builds Trust & Credibility

Influencers put in consistent effort and engaging content to build their brand value and when brands leverage this, it also adds to their own value and hence, brands build trust and credibility.

Builds Long-Lasting Partnerships

While working influencers, brands get the opportunity to build long-lasting and winning partnerships with them. In the long run, these partnerships work in favour of brands.

Potential customers

When brands reach their potential customers through and unconventional means and engaging content, it adds value for them and attracts their attention more so.

Few examples

Our global influencer and celebrity network contains thousands of profiles from more than 50 target countries. Here are a few selected examples. To learn more about our influencer network, contact us


Picture of Pilotluna. A social media influencer.




Travelsandvibes is an influencer account




Why influencer marketing?